If you want protection from the rain and sun but do not want to darken your interior space, the Apollo Opening Roof System provides the ultimate solution. Simply close the louvers to keep out the rain or adjust as needed for optimal shading. On hot days and evenings, slightly opening the system allows hot air to rise, creating a cooling breeze. Crafted from high quality extruded aluminum, The Apollo Opening Roof™ is an elegant system that will last a lifetime.  

This sleek, contemporary design comes in two standard colors, unlimited custom finishes, and includes a 15 year warranty. A simple push of a button moves the louvers to let heat escape in the summer or harness heat during the winter months. With an automatic rain protection feature and smart touch controls, this versatile design enables you to enjoy the best of outdoor living in Sacramento and surrounding areas, when it comes to sunlight, shade, wind, and rain.  

Apollo Opening Roof System Gallery

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