An insulated solid patio cover adds more climate stability to your patio all year long. Insulation increases the amount of heat trapped in the winter, making your patio warmer. The same insulation helps keep the patio cooler during the summer, enabling you to enjoy your patio all year long. Insulation also helps muffle the noise of rain. Protected from both the winter rains and the scorching summer sun in Sacramento and beyond, a patio covered by an insulated solid roof creates a space you can enjoy year-round. Like all our solid patio covers, our Patio Perfections insulated solid covers are constructed with high quality panels joined together to create an enduring seal. Your outdoor furniture, barbecue, and yard equipment are well protected and preserved for years of use. With enhanced protection from the elements, you will want to spend even more time outdoors in comfort and style.

Solid Patio Covers

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